Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being.

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Updated September 2016
Little League Baseball (LLB) has established rules and regulations that govern Little League operations and games.  These rules are contained in the Official Little League Rulebook (a/k/a the “Green Book”) that each manager and coach receives at the beginning of each season.  Managers/coaches are responsible for reading and being familiar with the rules and regulations of the game, including conduct and behavior.  Certain rules from the Green Book are included below as a convenience, but managers/coaches should refer to the Official Little League Rulebook for pitch count, pitcher rest, and pitcher eligibility rules, among other things.
Local rules provide modifications or additions (as permitted), or reinforcement of rules established by LLB.  Local rules provide flexibility to suit the needs and objectives of the community and Weston Little League.  All Weston local rules remain in force when playing games in Weston against other leagues.
Little League Baseball and Weston local rules are to be consistently enforced at all times.  Managers/coaches are not given the flexibility to modify, change, or otherwise adjust the rules of play.
As a condition of service to the league, all managers, coaches, Board members, and any other volunteers or hired worker who provides regular service to the league and/or has repetitive access to or contact with players or teams must complete a Volunteer Application and undergo a LL background check.
  • Infield dimensions:  50 ft. distance from pitcher’s mound to home plate, together with 70 ft. base paths.
  • All bats used must comply with Green Book Rule 1.10.  Use of 2 5/8 inch double-barrel bats is permitted, but any bat with a 2 5/8 inch composite barrel must be stamped as BBCOR compliant, and any bat with a 2 5/8 inch non-composite barrel must have a BPF of 1.15 or less.  Players may also use Majors Division compliant 2 1/4 inch non-composite barrel bats with a BPF of 1.15 or less.
  • Leading by base runners is allowed, with unlimited steals and pickoffs.
  • Balks by pitchers will be called and enforced, but each pitcher shall be provided one warning without penalty for purposes of player development.
  • Intentional walks are permitted.
  • Pitchers are permitted to throw breaking balls and any other type of pitch, subject to coach direction/supervision.
  • “Butcher boy” plays (batter showing bunt, then hitting away) are not permitted in order to protect infielders.  A batter hitting away after showing bunt is ruled out, and base runners return to the base occupied prior to the pitch.
  • Head first sliding is only permitted on the bases; no head first slides into home (an automatic out).
  • Weston wil not permit the wearing of metal cleats/spikes.
  • Weston will not permit on-deck batters.
  • All Green Book pitcher eligibility rules strictly enforced.  Coaches must confirm that pitchers also playing in Majors Division games meet applicable days of rest requirements.  
  • Pitchers must be removed from a game when they reach the applicable limit for their age:  e.g., LL ages 11-12 (85 pitches per day); LL age 13 (95 pitches per day).
  • Pitchers who are removed but remain in the game defensively are allowed to return one time to pitch again in that same game, subject to all pitch count limitations and other eligibility requirements.
  • Double-header games are permitted, but a pitcher cannot pitch in two games in a single day.
  • Teams will utilize a continuous batting order.
  • Equal play time rule in effect — all players must play an equal number of innings and, where not possible, only one inning differential will be allowed (with three exceptions:  poor attendance; poor attitude issues; or when a starting pitcher is able to throw a complete game within pitch count limits).  Coaches may invoke the exception for poor attendance or poor attitude only with the prior approval of the President and Player Agent.
  • Games are 7 innings.  A game is official after 5 innings (or 4.5 innings when the home team is ahead).
  • 10-run mercy rule in effect after 5 innings of play (or 4.5 innings when the home team is ahead).
All coaches, players and umpires are urged to take all possible precautions to prevent protests. When a protest situation is imminent, the potential offending manager should be notified immediately. For example, should a manager or umpire discover that a pitcher is ineligible at the beginning of the game, or will become ineligible during the game or at the start of the next inning of play or the next at-bat, the fact should be brought to the attention of the manager of the team involved and the head umpire.  Such action shall not be delayed until the infraction has occurred. However, failure to notify the opposing manager does not affect the validity of the protest.
All protests and rules violations shall also be brought to the attention of the League President within 12 hours of their occurrence.  The League President shall convene a meeting of the President, the Player Agent, and the Rules Board Member (Infractions Committee) to review the infraction and to determine if further League action is warranted.  A first infraction shall result in a warning to the offending manager.  However, if the Committee determines that a manager or coach has taken any action that results in making a travesty of the game, the Committee may immediately suspend the offending manager or coach.  A second violation shall result in immediate suspension.  All suspensions shall be for a duration determined by the Committee in its discretion. 
Please feel free to contact Mike Komar or Darren Pocsik with any questions.  Thank you coaches for volunteering and PLEASE FOLLOW THESE RULES - NO VARIATIONS ALLOWED.