Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being.

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The Weston Spring “House” baseball is organized by grade, and we are running baseball programs for:

  • Grades K and PreK children who turn 5 by 9/1/2016 (Tball)
  • Grade 1 (A)
  • Grade 2 (AA)
  • Grades 3/4/5 (Minors); and
  • Grades 5/6/7 (Majors).

Note: TBall will be eligible for children enrolling in PreK who turn 5 years old on or prior to September 1, 2016.

As in prior years, Majors will draft a select number of 5th graders into Majors to complete teams.  7th graders may play if they did not turn 13 years old prior to May 1, 2016 (i.e., they are still Little League age 12).  Final numbers of teams and exact grade configuration for the House league will be determined after we’ve received all registrations and know total numbers of kids by age. 

Evaluations are required for Spring House baseballThese will be held on March 13, 2016 between 10 am and 7 pm (player time slots to be assigned after registrations are closed) – please book this now on your calendar.  We also plan to offer a Spring “Travel” baseball option for kids that are looking for an advanced and highly competitive game, and/or Intermediate level of play (i.e., Intermediate involves a larger field of play – “50/70”). Kids will be selected to these teams based on their interest and evaluations.  Anyone playing Travel baseball will be required to play in the regular House little league.

For the Spring House league for Majors and Minors, we plan on two games per week (one game weeknights and one Saturday game) and two practices per week during the season (Sundays and an evening during the week based on coach/field availability). AA and A Ball involves Saturday afternoon games and Sunday afternoon practice.  T-Ball is Saturday morning practice/game.  The season is expected to begin on Saturday, April 18 and end on Sunday June 12. 

For the Spring Travel teams, we plan to arrange teams based on interest indicated by parents during the registration process. Grades 4-7 are eligible for this.  We expect that these teams will be comprised of players that have previously played baseball, and are interested in a higher level of commitment and intensity.  We anticipate that Spring Travel involves one game and one practice per week, and will come with an additional cost once teams are selected.

Interested coaches should plan on Draft and Coaches Meetings on March 22-24, 2016.  Teams are expected to be selected and announced during the week of March 21. Team practices will be scheduled by coaches once teams are selected, beginning as early as April 2, weather permitting. When registering, please note all potential conflicts in your child’s Spring schedule so that those responsible for putting teams and practice schedules together can try to avoid schedule conflicts.

The planned game time schedule for each grade for the 2016 Spring House season on Saturdays is as follows:



Game Time

T-Ball (PK-5 and up/K)


8:30 to 10:00 am

A (1st Grade)


1:00 to 3:00 pm

AA (2nd Grade)


3:00 to 5:00 pm

Minors (3rd-5th Grade)


11:00 to 1:00 pm

Majors (5th-7th Grade)


9:00 to 11:00 am




Please note we have tried to schedule our baseball games around the other sports to avoid conflicts.  Game times and final teams will be subject to change based on registration levels and other conflicts which may necessitate a change in our schedule. 

For those who register by January 18, 2016, the registration fee for Spring Baseball is:

  • $250.00 for Grades 3 through 7 (Minors/Majors),
  • $200.00 for Grades 1-through 2 (A - AA); and
  • $85 for PreK and Kindergarteners (T-Ball)

After January 18th, the registration fee increases to $300 for Grades 3 through 6/7 (Majors/Minors) and $250 for Grades 1-2, and to $125 for grades PK/K. 

Note: Registration closes on February 14th, 2016

Please note that your registration is not considered complete until payment of the registration fee is made. Any registration that is not completed and paid in full within 24 hours will be deleted and your child will not be placed on a team. If you are applying for financial aid, please be sure you have completed the online registration and selected the financial aid option. Your registration will not be deleted for non-payment.

Travel fees will be finalized once teams and coaches are determined.  For now, you will be charged the base House registration fee until the full amount is determined and billed.