Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being.

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AA3 Division Rules of Play

Weston Little League Girls Softball




  1. Six players are required to start a game or a forfeit is declared.  Coaches should play anyway so as not to penalize the girls who did show up. 


  1. The game is 5 innings. But no new inning can begin after 1 hour 30 minutes from the first pitch


  1. 4-run rule for each inning. The inning ends when the 4th run crosses the plate. There is NO continuation of the play.  Coaches should agree that even in final inning, 4 run mercy rule applies.  This is not about winning and losing at this age, but about development.  Having unlimited runs in last inning may create a negative experience for those in the field and may make the game go unnecesarily long.


  1. 1 minute between innings. Have your defensive plan for the game prepared in advance! ALWAYS courtesy run for your catcher-to-be with 1 or 2 outs. 3 warm-up pitches (5 for a new pitcher)


  1. Scorebook must be maintained. Compare scoring after each half inning.


  1. Home team schedules umpires. Visitor provides 2 game balls.


  1. The defensive team is REQUIRED to have a coach behind the umpire to retrieve balls and keep the game moving quickly.  You may NOT coach or cheer from behind the catcher.




  1. Continuous batting order of all players present for the game. Late players added to end of lineup.




  1.  Pitching rules are 2 innings per game. Pitching distance is 35’. NO moving the pitcher forward – reminder pitcher foot must be on mound to start. After a pitcher has walked 1 girl in an inning a coach from 1st or 3rd will enter to pitch each time a count reaches 3 balls.  The coach must also pitch from the pitchers plate. At this point the strike count remains and the batter may only hit or strike out. Called strikes are counted!





  1. Unlimited substitutions of players in the field. 


  1. No player should sit for a 2nd inning before all of the other players have sat out for 1 inning.  


  1. All players MUST be given the opportunity to play 2 innings in the infield.


  1. Fielders Face Masks are required for pitcher and corners. Each team will be provided with 4 masks. 


  1. Max. 10 players defensively, meaning 4 outfielders positioned three steps back on the grass when the ball is pitched (NO extra infielders!). 


  1. One base advance on overthrows during a play initiated by a batted ball.  i.e. If the overthrow at first is retrieved, and a play is then overthrown at 2nd, the runner stays at 2nd base.  Even if multiple errors occur on a play only one base advance per runner on errors is possible per play.


  1. Following a play, once the ball is in the pitcher’s possession, and she is inside the pitcher’s circle, the runner off of a base must proceed to the closest base. (Note: a pitcher raising her arm to throw does NOT free the runners to go.  If she throws the ball the play is active again).


  1. Stealing is limited to 2 per inning and one at a time (no “double steals”). The ball must remain in front of the catcher (or be caught J ) or a dead ball is called and the runner sent back.  Stealing home and delayed steals are not permitted. Runner must wait until pitch at least reaches the batter before leaving the base.  One warning may be given per team for runners leaving early.


  1. No advance on overthrows / incompletes to throw out the steal.


  1. No stealing while a coach is pitching.


  1. Base runners may not advance on an overthrow from the catcher back to the pitcher.


  1. If your catcher for the next inning is on the base, with 2 outs, please ask UMP for a time out and put in the last batter as runner for the catcher. Allowing your catcher to come in and get ready


  1. Sliding is not mandatory, but the runner must slide or avoid contact or she will be ruled out.




  1. Qualified non-patch umpires MAY be used. If both coaches agree that a youth umpire clearly missed a SAFE/OUT call, and that fairness dictates changing it, they may request time and DISCREETLY discuss it with the umpire, and the umpire may reverse the call. Please don't embarrass the ump. (MAKE SURE TO PULL COACHES AND UMP ASIDE _ AWAY FROM PLAYERS AND PARENTS TO DISCUSS POLITELY)