Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being.

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Juniors Division Softball Rules of Play

Weston Little League Girls Softball


1.            The pitching distance shall be 43 feet.


2.            Continuous batting order of all players present for the game. Late players added to end of lineup. 


3.            Regulation game is 7 innings.  No new inning can begin after 1 hour 45 minutes. Exception: In the case of a tie, an extra inning may be played if there is no game waiting to start on the field.


4.            Eight players are required to start a game. Coaches are encouraged to attempt to get 8 players through call-ups.  If a team does not have the 8 required they may borrow fielders from the other team.  Coaches are encouraged to lend players and play anyway so as not to penalize the girls who did show up.   If a team only has 7 players then they will be required to take one automatic out when they get to the end of the line-up. A team fielding less than 7 players will forfeit but is encouraged to play anyway if less than 24 hours’ notice.


5.            Unlimited substitutions of players in the field. Pitchers may re-enter as per little league regulations. A pitcher in the continuous batting order but not playing the field is considered to be still in the game.


6.            Sliding is not mandatory, but the runner must slide or avoid contact or she will be ruled out.


7.            5-run max rule for each inning, except the 7th inning (or what is expected to be the final inning due to time-limit or darkness if agreed in advance of that inning). The inning ends when the 5th run crosses the plate.  There is NO continuation of the play. In the final inning scoring is unlimited. There is no other “mercy rule” in effect.


8.            Scorebooks should be maintained by each team. Coaches MUST compare scoring after each half inning.


9.            1 minute between innings. Have your defensive plan for the game prepared in advance.  Courtesy runners for pitcher and catcher are allowed in order to keep the game “moving”.


10.            Home team managers MUST confirm the game with the opponent 48 hours in advance. Visitor provides 2 game balls and home team provides the patch umpires.


11.            All other rules as per official Little League rulebook.