Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being.

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AAA Division Rules of Play


Weston Little League Girls Softball




  1. Continuous batting order of all players present for the game. Late players added to end of lineup.   


  1. Seven players are required to start a game or a forfeit is declared, but coaches are encouraged to attempt to get 8 players through call-ups first.  If a team does not have the 8 required they may borrow players.  Coaches are encouraged to lend players and play anyway so as not to penalize the girls who did show up.  Call-ups are encouraged as needed but should not pitch or catch and should bat at the end of the lineup.  Teams that play with seven players will be required to take one automatic out when they get to the end of the line-up.


  1. No player should sit 2 innings before all of the other players have sat 1 inning. 


  1. All players should be given the opportunity to play 2 innings in the infield.  Fielders face masks are required for pitcher and corner infielders.


  1. Unlimited substitutions of players in the field and pitchers may re-enter the game once during the same inning.


  1. Max. 9 players defensively, meaning 3 outfielders on the grass. 


  1. Bunting is permitted and unlimited.


  1. Any batter hit by pitch (including hit on the bounce) shall be awarded first base.  Batters must make a reasonable attempt to avoid the pitch (umpire’s discretion).


  1. One base advance on each overthrow during a play initiated by a batted ball.  i.e. if the overthrow at first is retrieved, and a play is then overthrown at 2nd, the runner can advance another base.


  1. Stealing is unlimited (permitted on passed or dropped balls, or when the ball is in catcher’s glove.  1 steal home is permitted, then third base is gated and players may not steal home.  Runner must wait until pitch crosses the plate before leaving the base.  Delayed steals (i.e. stealing on a catcher's throw back to the pitcher) are not permitted.


  1. No advance on overthrows or incomplete throw on a steal. Runners may not advance on an overthrow from the catcher back to the pitcher.


  1. Sliding is not mandatory, but the runner must slide or avoid contact or she will be ruled out.


  1. A batter/runner may NOT advance on a dropped/uncaught 3rd strike.  The batter is out and recorded as a strikeout.


  1. Following a play, once the ball is in the pitcher’s possession, and she is inside the pitcher’s circle, the runner off of a base must continue to the next base, or return.


  1. 5-run rule for each inning, except the 5th inning. The inning ends when the 5th run crosses the plate.  There is NO continuation of the play. In the final inning a team may score up to 8 runs. There is no other “mercy rule” in effect.


  1. Pitching rules are 3 innings and one out per game. Pitching distance is 35’ and the game ball will be 11”.  Try to give as many girls as possible a chance to pitch during the season.  A pitcher may pitch a maximum of 6 innings per week.  The pitching week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.  One pitch thrown in an inning counts the same as one full inning pitched.


  1. Remember continuation plays are NOT allowed; a batter that walks may NOT run straight to second.


  1. Time limit: 6 innings per game.  No new inning is to start with less than 20 minutes left before the game ending time (game ending time is either the two hour time limit or the official ending time due to darkness).  Maximum of 5 runs per team per inning in the first four innings regardless of which inning becomes the "last inning" due to time limits.  If a game is tied after five innings and there is at least 20 minutes remaining before the ending time, an international tie breaker inning is played, otherwise the game ends in a tie.  For clarity, an international tie breaker is the same as a regular inning except that the girl who made the last batted out of the team's prior inning starts the new inning on second base. If the game is still tied after the international tie breaker inning and there is less than 20 minutes remaining before the end time, then the game ends in a tie, otherwise a second tiebreaker inning is played.  The end time of a game is not a "hard stop", the remainder of the inning should be completed as necessary.


  1. Scorebook must be maintained during the regular season. Coaches are encouraged to compare scoring after each half inning.


  1. 1 minute between innings. Have your defensive plan for the game prepared in advance. ALWAYS courtesy run for your catcher-to-be with 1 or 2 outs. 3 warm-up pitches (5 for a new pitcher)


  1. Home team pays umps. Visitor provides two game balls.


  1. Patch or qualified non-patch umpires may be used.


  1. No protests will be allowed.  Decisions of the umpire are final.  Respect the umpires.  Do not call balls and strikes or safe/out before they do.


  1. If a coach believes that a youth umpire clearly missed an important non discretionary call (e.g. the runner stole home) due to an obvious lack of understanding of the rules (i.e. not a judgment call) and the coach can clearly demonstrate through the rulebook the misinterpretation, then coaches may request time and IF BOTH COACHES AGREE, they may DISCREETLY discuss it with the umpire, and the umpire may either reverse the call or have the original call stand.  Please don’t embarrass the ump.