Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being.

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A-1 Division Rules of Play


Weston Little League Girls Softball



  1.  The purpose of this level is to teach the girls the fundamentals of softball and of course, have fun playing softball.    This is not about being competitive.


  1.   Only 10 players on the field at once. Do not bunch your players together. Have players play the positions of 1st, 2nd, Short Stop, and 3rd base (in front of the base running line) - with a player on the side of the coach who is pitching - the remaining girls playing outfield (directly behind the base running line) covering "holes" from the infield positions – Right Field, Right Center, Left Center, and Left Field.


  1.    No player is to sit 2 innings.


  1. Must rotate your players between infield and outfield position – never leaving one player in outfield for more than 1 inning.         


  1. Please have player's positions ready before taking the field - eliminate the last minute questions of

“Can I play ___?"  The faster you get the girls on the field - the more playing they get


  1. Pitching is by the coach with another coach behind the catcher or as the catcher


  1. Innings are 3 outs or 4 run mercy rule - or coaches can agree to play through the order


  1. A batter is allowed 5 COACH PITCHES at which point a tee is then brought out for them to hit off of.  This should be adhered to in order to ensure the game moves along.


  1. There are no calls of balls or strikes - strikes are only if the player swings and misses.


  1. On a hit, runner only takes one base.


  1. No stealing.


  1. No taking a base on overthrows.


  1. Suggested to have 3 coaches -- one to watch the girls on the bench, batting order/out in the field helping girls, one coach pitching, and one behind the catcher.


  1. If you have a catcher -  please make sure the girls are far distance away from plate and in the correct catcher's stance - not on one knee. Please get the catcher ready before the start of the new inning – will need assist


  1. In the beginning of the season, you will see most innings will result in 4 runs -- so organization on the coaches part is very important to move the game along and most important to keep the girls interest in the game. Over the course of the season they will learn to make outs.


  1. Make sure to be playing with 11' inch softees.


  1. Playing time 1 hour 30 minutes or 5 innings (If the two teams playing want to have a 6th inning and does not go over the 2 hour time blocked for your game - HAVE FUN!!!)


  1. One team to each bench -- Have players who are not hitting behind the fence at all times.


  1. Dugout area should remain organized with bats and helmets lined along the fence.  No girl should be holding a bat in the dugout area, On-deck swinging is not allowed


  1. The girls are to remain in their dug out, when their team is up for batting -- no wandering around the field.


  1. No score is kept (but you will see the girls keeping score -- remind them about the fun of the game, good sportsmanship)


  1. After the game, make sure teams’ line up and “good game” the other team.


  1. Home team managers MUST confirm the game with the opponent 48 hours in advance.